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SYS US IPs screwed me over

2014-09-22, 07:41 PM
Maxmind updates their geoip database on the first Tuesday of each month and they are the biggest in the industry so you might have to wait until then.

You can also submit corrections https://www.maxmind.com/en/correction

James @ OVH
2014-09-22, 06:53 PM
Hello Harshal,

The information given in the ARIN whois database is correct. It is most likely that third party IP geolocation services have not yet updated their databases as we have recently purchased a new block. Generally theses third party services have a location on their website to report Whois inaccuracy.

Unfortunately I cannot find any information on your forum account which links you to an account in our system so that I could take a closer look at your specific case.

If you do have any other questions please respond to the already open ticket you have. This way our team will be able to review the case.

You can also reach us by phone 24/7: 1-855-684-5463(toll free)

Best regards,

James @ OVH

2014-09-21, 09:24 PM
I ordered a block of 16, for US Ips. Turns out none of those IPs were located in US according to numerous sites. So, I called SYS, all I received was "ARIN Whois says this". No refund or replacement is possible. I was really hoping better from an OVH subsidiary. Especially considering i paid the 48$ for the 16 IPs, and the representatives only solution is to buy more IPs and throw more money.