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Proxmox Raid 0 Installation problem

2014-09-20, 03:37 PM
Install it on one disk

James @ OVH
2014-09-17, 09:39 PM
Hello Hasan,

For these kind of technical issue it is always better to open a support ticket.
I can see that you have spoken with one of our agents and this case is currently being treated by our technical specialists.
We will contact you once we have an update.

For future reference you can open a ticket with us here: http://www.soyoustart.com/us/contact...r-services.xml

We are also always available by phone: 1 844-768-7827

If you need anything else don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

James @ OVH

2014-09-17, 09:30 AM

Today order an E3-SSD-3 which have 3 SSD so I am trying to install proxmox template with LV space in raid 0 configuration but it always given me error, An error occurred on rebooting your server. error during vg creation.