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Experience of KVMfor SYS server

2014-09-14, 05:22 PM
I'm just posting my experience, in case it helps others.

Because of the new IP address rule change, I ordered some. But my first attempt to configure it caused my machine to freeze. Damn; I'd made a mistake. I used the manager to reboot... OK... I get an email back saying "ping succeeded", but my server didn't respond. 10 minutes later still no response. 15 minutes.. no response.

So I figured I'd try a KVM. Ordered one. $30.

33 minutes later my server came back. I guess it must have been fsck'ing. (NOTE TO SELF: tunefs!!). But since I'd ordered and paid, I figured I'd not cancel the order because I wanted to play around with the new IPs (e.g. bridges, routing), and having a console was good.

I ordered at 10:40. At 13:11 I get a call from OVH staff telling me the KVM would be another hourt. At 13:41 I get an email telling me it's there. At 13:50 I get an email giving me details (IP address, username, password)So it took 3 hours for someone to install it. I _thought_ it was 2 hour deliverable, but... eh.

LESSON: KVM on a SYS server takes time. If you're planning work where the need for a console in "worst case" is required then you might want to plan ahead. As a "emergency recovery" scenario it can take some time. If you can't afford 3 hours downtime then definitely plan ahead.

I was unable to use the KVM using my normal UltraVNC client, but the java based version from a http connection worked adequately. control-] didn't get sent proprerly, but I was able to work around it. Basically the email had a sufficient amount of information to let me access my console.

Mostly the console worked just fine. You can see the server rebooting, can see the BIOS go through (I didn't try to change any BIOS settings, but I assume this works just fine) and otherwise have a good console.

Because I had the console I did take a few more risks with IP config and so did need it once :-)

As part of a planned changed event, if you think you're gonna need a console and can afford $30, then do it.
If you're willing to have 3 hours or so downtime then it's possible to order one in an emergency.

(I would really really like permanent console, but I guess you get what you pay for!)