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for those who recently order e3sat3

2014-09-02, 06:34 PM
I ordered an E3-SAT-3, paid 27/8/2014, got server on 28/8/2014, and IP allocation on 2/9/2014.
Holiday weekend in US, but I know the server is in CA and they are in FR. I'm not complaining though. For the same server as my play box, I would probably be paying 2x as much, and probably just getting KVM access, which hopefully would be behind a firewall considering how vulnerable IPMI is.

2014-09-02, 04:43 PM
Same here...

I canceled my order. I register another french company and 2 min later they send to server information. I finished my installation etc...
And they don't need my driving licence / ID Card... I just order and pay my order then everything is ok.

So You Start look around you....

After Canada data center issue fix maybe i'll new order sys but now i am back my normal business...

Communication is key thing hosting / server area.

2014-09-02, 11:39 AM
how long has it taken for you to get it delivered to you? I'm on 4+ days.