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Load Balancing IP

2013-11-15, 02:01 PM
We have launched our Load Balancing IP solution!

The Load Balancing IP is an easy to setup and affordable mean of balancing traffic across your server farm. You can monitor your server behind the Load Balancing IP to stop or resume traffic for machines depending on their availability using different mechanisms, such as ICMP (ping) or OCO probes.

Optionally, you can add an SSL certificate to your Load Balancing IP, either provided by OVH or obtained from a valid certification authority.

More information here: http://www.ovh.com/us/solutions/ip-l...cing/index.xml

For US customers, you can order the service from here: http://www.ovh.com/us/solutions/ip-l...e-optimale.xml
For Canadian customers, you can order the service from here: http://www.ovh.com/ca/en/solutions/i...e-optimale.xml

You can then manage your Load Balancing IP from our RESTful API (https://ca.api.ovh.com/console/#/ip)