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2017-03-07, 11:29 PM
You can login to OVH control panel and reinstall OS.. If you have purchased windows 2012 license, you will have option to install Windows 2012 during the OS selection page. No need to make any custom images.

2017-03-07, 09:56 AM
On the MC-32B, where it says buy licenses, if I buy the 25 dollar a month windows one, can I install it on there, or do I have to figure out how to make a template? Or any one know a guide i could use to figure out how to connect to Ubuntu ? I dont understand what your suppose to use for a login, is there like a default password? NVM I see they email it to you, and you use x2go. I just ordered the 25 dollar thing hoping it worked. It does gives you windowsome 2012 if any one was curious.