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I am insterested in becoming a game hosting provider.

2017-02-23, 04:56 PM
Are you looking at becoming a commercial hosting provider like gameservers.com?

Survial GH
2017-02-04, 09:08 AM
I am wanting to put together a realistic view of a budget to aim for I am new to the hosting side of games and was wondering a few things before I dive in.

1. starting out small and advancing as I grow would be my approach. having that said how easy or hard would it be to ad my server space or migrate to an upgraded server?

2. DDos protection is a must what type of protection is there with your servers? is it managed and actively monitored?

3. Control panels for gaming such as TCadmin is this provided or available to purchase licencing some more info on how it works such as do I need to purchase multiple licences for each of my clients or do I simply purchase 1 licence for server and my clients use that?

4. is there some sort of experienced help for a beginner to get setup if so how much does it cost?

at first i was wanting to provide hosting for 1 game setup but would like to provide for more later on what would be the recomended server setup with all the above in mind remembering I will be a beginner game host provider?