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FTP Speeds

Phil @ OVH
2017-02-03, 01:14 PM

To clarify, we do not throttle speeds below the guaranteed bandwidth of the server. If you are guaranteed 100Mbps, you should be get that speed.

If you are not getting the guaranteed speeds, I would recommend opening a support ticket. Include the results of an MTR from your local computer to the server, and an MTR from the server to your local computer. Also throw in a ping test from your home to the server.

We will analyze the data and resolve the issue.

Phil C.

2017-02-03, 12:43 PM

I think I I have this dedicated server since sometime in 2013. If you ask me which server this is according to the current classification I would not know. All I know is I pay around 40.99 Euros on this. Can someone tell me which one this is according to the new classification?

But thats not why I am writing. I use CuteFTP Pro to download stuff from my server to my laptop. My internet speed is 100 mbps, while speed test fluctuates between 65mbps to 85 mbps download speed. I was complaining to someone that my download speed from OVH is only 22mbps max. And laying the blame on my ISP. I have had them check it many times and there seems to be no problem whatsoever. Till somebody pointed out that OVH throttles internet speeds. Now I don't know if this is the best place to complain about this or I have to find some other avenue to rectify this. I would like someone to suggest a way forward to solve the problem. I am not very net or tech savvy so please be adequately explanatory. Than you.