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Reset Dedicated Server Two Factor Authentication

Phil @ OVH
2017-01-06, 10:04 AM

You appear to have an account with one of our European branches. This is the support forum for OVH Canada. We do not have access to your account here.


2016-12-30, 04:06 PM

It is been several days and I have not received any response or support and I am unable to login
to my dedicated server, what?s your problem people, this is really very bad support for a dedicated server issue that should be very serious
as I am unable to login to the server control panel and I keep receiving nothing.

I formatted my Mobile which have the Two factor authentication app (Google Authenticator) installed where I enabled the two factor authentication on my OVH account control panel, now I need you to disable just the Two factor authentication on my OVH account so I can login to the account, I do not want you to reset the password, I need to turn off only the Two factor authentication.

I already sent my Passport and my ID and Electric bill, they are in Arabic (passport in English/Arabic), what else you need.

I need immediate support on this now.