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6 mbps ovh limit

2017-01-06, 11:03 PM
Does your route in like WinMRT, Traceroute, etc go through telia.net?
I've had issues with speed and OVH BHS network for the past few months... to the point where I'm considering switching datacenters.
OVH says contact AT&T, AT&T says contact OVH....
The common route others with these speed issues seems to be Telia in the route.
Do the bhs.proof.ovh.net tests show a huge drop after an initial spike in speed after a second?

Phil @ OVH
2017-01-06, 10:03 AM

That should not happen. We don't throttle speed other than the actual speed cap of your server. I would recommend opening a support ticket or calling in to support directly.


2016-12-30, 11:58 AM
Hi, I currently have a dedicated server on ovh, the bandwidth has been great however it seems like there's some default throttling occuring for connections coming from outside of the ovh network.

There's 3 "machines" in total being used in my testing.
1) My home desktop
2) A windows vm I've setup on my ovh dedicated server
3) A linux vm I've setup on my ovh dedicated server, hosting a website of mine.

#1 is where I'm trying to reach the files. my home connection has 100+ mbps (peaking around 250).
#2 has the files, it can send to #3 at regular ovh speeds (SCP @ 100+ mbps via WinSCP)
#3 also has the files, it can send to #2 at regular ovh speeds (HTTPS @ 100+ mbps via Web browser)

When I try to send the files from either #2 (SCP) or #3 (HTTPS) I have the same limit, 6 mbps. I can connect multiple times to have a higher total bandwidth connection (6 x number of connections) however a single connection is unable to go beyond 6 mbps.
I assume this is due to help protect from DDOS attacks. Is there any possible way for me to download from my dedicated server at above 6 mbps [without making multiple connections]?

The end goal would ideally be to be able to download files from my website hosted on a ovh dedi @ 100 mbps via HTTPS.