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Need Assistance Configuring Additional IPs on Ubuntu 16.04 Server (64-bit version)

2016-12-19, 04:16 PM
That file does exist in Ubuntu, I just checked it on my installation of Ubuntu 16.04 Server, you sure you're using the right command? try to cd into /etc/network and then issue ls to list all the files/folders in that directory.

Also, can refer to http://askubuntu.com/questions/54728...-one-interface

2016-12-19, 02:16 PM
I need assistance configuring the additional IPs that I ordered on my VPS running Ubuntu 16.04 Server (64-bit version). The email sent from OVH suggests that I check the guide at http://docs.ovh.ca/en/IpAlias/ which results in a 404 Not Found. After some poking around I found the correct URL, http://docs.ovh.ca/en/guides-network-ipaliasing.html, but it has no section specific to Ubuntu. I tried the instructions for Debian and derivatives, as Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian, but the file that it wants me to edit /etc/network/interfaces, has contents completely different than what shown in the document.

It sources /etc/network/interfaces.d/50-cloud-init.cfg which contains only

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto ens3
iface ens3 inet dhcp
but the docs show that /etc/network/interfaces should look like:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
Please help. Not seeking hand holding just instructions similar to what are already provided for the other distributions.

Dwayne Moore