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2 IP Failover on the same VM using 2 different NICs

2016-12-17, 02:26 PM

I want to setup 2 web server using 2 ip failover. Each webserver is a VM with 2 NIC.

What I want to do:

On VM #1:
eth0: IP Failover A
eth1: IP Failover B

On VM#2
eth0: IP Failover B
eth1: IP Failover A

I want the VM to be able to listent on both interface. During normal operation the IP A will be linked to the mac address of the VM #1 and the IP B will be linked to the mac of VM#2. So both eth1 will not receive any traffic. The goal is to be able in case of maintenance on VM#1 to switch the IP A to VM#2 without any interruption and mac address change.

I tried to use the recommanded IPAlias from ovh but using an ipalias mean that I have to change the mac address during the switch of the IPFailover which take precious minutes. Using a dedicated NIC allow me to switch the IP without touching the IP's mac address.

I'm running Centos.