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Activation not instant, no reply to ticket

Phil @ OVH
2016-11-25, 10:49 AM

I've replied to your ticket. As I mentioned there, this isn't a validation issue, and we'll get it resolved on our end.

Phil C.

2016-11-25, 10:20 AM

According to the website paying for a VPS via credit card should be instant activation. Its been almost two hours since i created the request without any change in Order or notification on an ETA.

I have received an email with the server details however I cannot connect as I need to change the password for the first time before I can use Remote Desktop. This I am assuming needs to be done on the Control panel but my VPS section is blank.

I would like to know how long this is estimated to take for validation and activation.

Order number :4432219

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Kevin Wilson