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OVH Release 3 php update

2016-11-25, 11:43 AM
@JustMaffie - I know this, but I was providing another solution (and I'm pretty sure he know this as well). OVH does allow you to buy a cPanel/WHM license from them (which automatically happens if you choose the cPanel install option iirc) or get the license directly from cPanel.

2016-11-23, 04:25 AM
cPanel/WHM is not free.

2016-11-23, 03:09 AM
Why not just install cPanel on CentOS 6 or any of the plain linux version of CentOS 6 or 7 and then install manually?

2016-11-22, 01:30 PM
Dear rohanb,
I assume you have root access to your server, you can update PHP from the command line to my knowledge, I do not know how, but it should be possible.

- Jori

2016-11-19, 03:38 PM
I am trying to install whmcs on my vps and with OVH Release 3. Unfortunately Release has php version 5.3.3 and whmcs requires 5.4.x minimum. When ever i try to update php its does not update & when i remove and install a new one it breaks the release. I am so much stuck and just going in circles from past few months. Can someone please suggest a workaround or a solution for this ?

Any help is appreciated TIA.