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Inherent OVH/XenServer 7 incompatibility??

2016-11-08, 02:50 PM
A note to anyone who may be interested in running XenServer on OVH Canada-based hardware... I've just realized that the obsolete XSv6.5 version (the one OVH is offering via their pre-install templates) appears to have been upgraded from the "free" community version to the "perpetual" type license... previously the only difference between the free and subscribed/licensed versions was the super easy patch upgrading capabilities in the paid/licensed version... So, now that v7 is the latest production grade release, it appears that Citrix has "thrown a switch" and opened up the super-easy patch upgrading capability within the free/community edition. They're probably not selling XSv6.5 anymore, and there are so many other reasons to choose v7 (licensed or free) over v6.5, that they decided to do away with "licensed/free" distinctions in the v6.5 release family. So at this stage, it looks like this free v6.5 community edition = the previous licensed v6.5 version... but,,, it still pales in comparison to the new v7 version...

2016-11-07, 12:15 PM
It looks like OVH will not offer XenServer 7 as a template pre-installed option. They had it up for about 2 weeks, but then stopped offering it and rolled it back to XSv6.5.

I need to know whether or not there is some technical incompatibility within the OVH datacenter/network environment that will prevent XSv7 from running, or if instead the problem is that the free version of the binary is so disabled as to be impractical to use (a Citrix licensing problem).

I want to use XSv7 on my OVH rented hardware... I'm willing to pay the (reasonable) Citrix licensing fee if necessary. Can I self-install this distro and be relatively assured (short of $ licensing issues) that the software is compatible with the OVH datacenter & network environment?

What were the problems uncovered in the 2 weeks that OVH publicly offered XSv7? Will these problems exist for me if I self install the distro and pay Citrix their licensing fee? Is OVH in anyway "restricting" such self-installation of this distro as I'd like to do?

If I self install, I won't expect OVH "support" on this software installation of course.

Can I do this? Are there any problems with this?