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I'm thinking of getting Plesk 12 Web Admin, have some questions though

2016-10-26, 02:07 PM
While I haven't used Plesk in a long time... a general rule of thumb is custom configs and automation/tool configs don't mix well.
I'd suggest starting from scratch.

2016-10-25, 10:22 PM
So as the title says I am thinking of getting Plesk 12 Web Admin license. I've looked on the official plesk Website and it says that Plesk 12.5 supports Ubuntu 14.04 which is the OS my server is running on, however on SoYouStart Control Panel, when selecting Plesk 12, it says the OS is not supported. I believe SoYouStart needs to update it, or further check on this, as this may lead to false information.

However, my main concern is if I should reset my server before installing plesk. I ask this because I already have many web related things installed, including SSL certificates, and many Mail packages and functions. On the other hand I have a ton of progress and stored data on the server that I don't really want to put it all on my local computer, reset the server, and all that, it's a hassle I've had to do a few times, and something I'd like to avoid.

The main question I am asking here is, will Plesk install on a pre-existing OS with multiple mail & web packages/functions installed already, and will Plesk function properly with those applications already installed.