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PhD Scholar!!! Looking for cheap but heavy online server services.

Phil @ OVH
2016-10-18, 09:18 AM

1- All of our offers are listed on our website.
2- Our pricing is generally lower, and we use water cooling and have a power usage efficiency of 1.09 in our datacenters, among other things.
3- We are an infrastructure as a service provider. This means we provide the hardware and network, as well as the base OS installation. Everything else is supplied by you.
4- We offer a firewall with our servers, but it is up to you to configure it as you see fit.
5- We strive to offer the best price to all customers, as such we don't generally have promotional deals.
6- We are opening a datacenter in Singapore at the end of this month. But even currently, none of our datacenters are located in the USA. They are in France and Canada.
7- That should be fine.

Phil C.

2016-10-18, 12:01 AM
I am Anh Washler, working as a professor assistant at North Carolina State University as well as a PhD scholar. I am about to start my PhD research,. It is related to Machine Learning and Data Mining. In the start, my first assignment is to make predictions about potential visitors/clients/needs of internet surfers that visited specific set of websites/platform/services.

In order to do that, I need multiple core processors with high end processing performance and high memory storage. As OVH is leader in bulk hosting. I have following questions:-

  • Question1: What are the nominal packages offered by OVH?
  • Question2: How is OVH is different from other hosting service providers?
  • Question3: In order to complete the task, what are the tools available with OVH services?
  • Question4: What are the firewall settings(as it is an proprietary research and it is important, it should be private. If it is open, my 3 year research will go in vain) that a normal services subscriber gets?
  • Question5: Is there a discount for students like me?
  • Question6: What are the server locations (I need a remote location (like Nicaragua, Panama or Bolivia etc )). My research is approved by University and I have taken permission for special access from United States Department of Education and State Administration, North Carolina. But I am worried about tough administrative and individual rights violations in USA.
  • Question7: I will be going to access analytics of visitors provided by http://militarybases.co. Will OVH allow me to do that? If there is a procedure, then how to proceed with it. (I have already consulted and taken permission from mil bases management.)

Sorry, if you suppose, my questions are dull or not related to hosting(entirely). But it is extremely important that I should ask and get answers to those questions.

If, it is not appropriate to reply in the thread, please PM me on my Email mentioned below.

Respected Inquirer,

Anh Washler - Teaching Assistant and PhD Scholar at Computer Science Department
North Carolina State University
Address: 9987 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27603, United States
Phone: +1 919-856-3940
Email: AnhWashler88@gmail.com