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Help with Domains, DNS, Whm-CPanel issues

2016-10-07, 09:18 AM
Hello to all of you.

I have been struggling with working with WHM / CPanel. I purchased a VPS Cloud hosting from OVH Hosting. I am using Centos 6 with WHM / CPanel. What I am struggling with is IP addresses.

I have did the initial set up and added my domain as the primary one for Root and set up name servers using two IP addresses. The reverse is set up and email works and all is good. The issue I am having is I added another Three domain names which I would like to use for several C Panels I create for my customers. I just wish to use the main name servers for all CPanels and WHM to use any of the 5 IP addresses I set up.

I will be the first to say that I am not an expert and this is why i am seeking help and I really appreciate anyone that is willing to assist me with these issues I am struggling with. I have been reading on the internet for days without finding the correct solution. I Have tried with creating a reseller and changing the IP to use another one and creating an additional two name servers for that reseller account which would use different IP addresses than the main. I just cannot get it to work.

Basically in a nutshell.

1. I have 10 IP Addresses and I would like to have WHM use any of these when creating a CPanel account.
2. The ability to use One set of name servers for all accounts and the accounts to be able to use different Ip addresses.

Thank you all for you help in advance.