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SYS Nameserver aren?t working

2016-10-06, 03:23 PM
Not really an answer. .But..You may find it easier to configure your own nameservers for your domains using BIND. I have never really seen anyone use ovh.net/ovh.ca/ovh.** as their primary NS.

That way you will have NS1.yourdomain.com and NS2.yourdomain.com

I'd post a link describing how to do this, but you have expressly asked us not to do so. Not being snarky.. Just following your wishes....

The sdns.ovh.. nameserver is the secondary nameserver (i.e. for NS2). And shouldn't be placed in the NS1 slot.

For NS1 you should have NS1.yourdomain.com (obviously, change this to match your domain). But only do this once you've configured NS1.yourdomain.com at your registrar........

2016-09-24, 08:27 PM
I just purchased a So You Start dedicated. I wanted to set up my nameservers on the dedicated, but I'm running into some issues.
I've already visited this post, and this does not fix my problem. http://help.ovh.co.uk/ConfigDNSDomainDed

My problem is that the nameservers are saying there invalid when they end with .net?
Maybe I'm not setting them up correctly, but I do think I am.

Here is my current nameserver config for namecheap.com:
NS1 = ns530881.ovh.ca
NS2 = sdns1.ovh.ca
As you see here, I'm using '.ca' instead of '.net' because '.net' Never works and just says it's invalid. The current nameservers have not propagated all the way yet (9/24/2016), but I think there still setup wrong.

The config I think its supposed to be but isn't working:
NS1: sdns1.ovh.net
NS2: ns530881.ovh.net

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I have searched and searched the entire web for an answer to this, and I still haven't found one. Don't post a website link to another help page unless you know it will fix my issue because I've looked at almost everything on Google/Bing and have found nothing...