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Dedicated Server - MC-32

Phil @ OVH
2016-09-16, 08:59 AM
Hi there,

I can see how that could be confusing. The license is per processor, not per core, so the total price for the server + the license would be $124 per month.


2016-09-15, 05:52 PM
Hello, I've been looking at purchasing a new provider for my dedicated box. I have tried to inform myself further about how your licensing works for dedicated servers. I've seen that it's written 25$/mo per processor, Does that mean if the MC-32 server has a quad core processor it would be 25$/mo x 4 = $100 CAD + the dedicated server price $99 CAD for $199 CAD, or $99 + $25 for $125 CAD.

Thank you for your help, I couldn't seem to find the right answer how easy it may seem!