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I cannot purchase MC-32 Dedicated Server.

Phil @ OVH
2016-09-09, 12:30 PM

If the validation has been requested, it is because it is required.

Phil C.

2016-09-06, 05:11 PM

I want to purchase an OVH MC-32 Dedicated Server. I was unable to do this, in the bottom of the checkout, it said "No payment method" and there was no option to click "Continue" or "Purchase." So then, I go to my manager/panel and try to add a payment method, for paypal, and it says "Invalid account."

Also, when I was in the checkout it said "This account is not validated" and then it said I needed to email someone proof of passport, drivers liscence, etc. Is this needed to make a simple purchase?

Can someone please assist me or tell me what's wrong?

Thank you.
- Jay