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Is BHS1 Image saving slower than GRA1?

2016-09-05, 04:37 PM
When I log into Horizon to manage my Public Cloud account, it defaults to GRA1 zone. I never want to create instances in GRA1, but in BHS1. Today, I forgot to switch to GRA1 and went to upload the most recent CoreOS Alpha image, and after it uploaded, it "saved" the image very quickly. After I realized I was not using BHS1, I deleted the image in GRA1 and switched to BHS1 to upload the 780.1MB image. After the image was uploaded, the Status is stuck on "Saving" for the last hour or so.

I haven't been using Public Cloud much in the past since the last time I tried it, it didn't seem ready for production use. Today, I noticed that you added support for Private Networks for Public Cloud instances, so I figured I would give OVH another try to see if it works better.

Is the hour or more time to save my CoreOS image in BHS1 (still hasn't finished) a symptom that BHS1 isn't ready for production use or is BHS1 just extremely overloaded? The reason I ask is that the default GRA1 saved the same image very quickly. Is GRA1 just lightly loaded while BHS1 is under powered?

Also, is there some way I can configure Horizon setup so the BHS1 region is selected by default or not have the other regions listed? I am running a website where almost all my users are in the US (and Canada) so have no need of running instances in Europe.

Finally, I see there is a single old Public image for CoreOS Stable and the image was uploaded in RAW format to make it 8GBs. Any chance you could upload the QCOW2 CoreOS Alpha, Beta, and Stable images shortly after they are released? It takes a long time for me to upload the 780MB QCOW2 CoreOS Alpha image in Horizon and it would be good to just be able to select the appropriate image from the Public image repository (in BHS1).

That said, I can tolerate having to upload the image myself if saving it didn't take so long!