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lies. all lies

2016-09-06, 09:48 AM
in the hosting range you can see

you get 250mb bandwith and burst of 1gb port.
the 10gb/s you saying its a Vrack speed..
if you got 2 same servers with 10gb/s vRack you can create a virtual rack between them and the intrenet speed between them will be 10gb/s understand ?its a great thing to create another server when hosting crit stuff. when one server will go down you can make the second one to act like the first one until the first one come back. if you had a questions you could just pick a call to OVH.

Phil @ OVH
2016-08-31, 12:59 PM

Not sure why you aren't seeing the pictures. But at the top to the page for Hosting servers, on the right of the big blue bar listing features, it says "250 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth."

The asterisk is qualified below in the "Included with your server" section. Here is the link, see for yourself: https://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/hosting/

Phil C.

Phil @ OVH
2016-08-31, 12:18 PM

Lies is a strong word, and also an inaccurate one in this case. Here is the page from which you ordered your server:

Attachment 20

At the top of the page, it is clearly indicated that the server has 250Mbps guaranteed bandwidth. Just below, you would see this:

Attachment 19

What is indicated on this page is that the server runs at 10Gbps on the vRack, which is the internal network. Just below, in the "Included with your server", the 250Mbps guaranteed bandwidth is repeated, along with an explanation that vRack 10Gbps refers to 10Gbps network interfaces.

Phil C.

2016-08-30, 09:50 PM
So I bought a supposed 10Gbps dedicated server. I login after the server is setup....guess what. OVH -> Internet is only 250Mbps. What a crock of ****.