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About IPMI and KVM

2016-08-29, 01:48 AM
Since my first PC causes me loss of data, I learn the importance of zeroing out the hard-drive. I?m planning on going OVH dedicated regardless, but for now I need to figure out what is already running on the system and how much disk space it is using because I?m reading that all OVH servers comes with an operating system already install on it. If this is true, what operating system is running on them and how much disk space is being used? This will paint a clearer picture for me to understand how thing work. I only heard about KVM.

Is it possible to use IPMI to zero-out the entire disk? In addition, how would I install my own operating system from my CD or disk image using IPMI or whatever it takes? Could someone point me to these working how-to or detail the information of how-to.

It is strange that after weeks of searching, I only found one thread in the galaxy that claim to work for installing your own disk image, but that was for another data-center and its network.

There were a few good threads in OVH favor, but they were only about how to check your hardware, and how to turn your server off and on. Seem like I chose the toughest tasks ever. It never fails.