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Dedicated Server Windows Server R 2012 Remote desktop problem

Phil @ OVH
2016-08-30, 08:07 AM

It sounds as though you've installed Windows Hyper-V, which is a free version of windows used for virtualization. That version does not have a graphical interface. If you need that, you would need to go into the licenses tab of your OVH Control Panel, and order a Windows license for the server. The license is $25/month.

Once you have the license activated, you will have the option to install Windows Server 2012.

Phil C.

2016-08-28, 05:28 AM

I have set up windows R 2012 server on dedicated server. But I couldn't reach windows on remote desktop. I want to use remote desktop on windows. I can't see windows on remote desktop. I see only cmd and power shell. What should I do?