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OVH Expanding Into More Locations?

Phil @ OVH
2016-08-17, 08:19 PM

We are looking to expand into the United States within the next year. It is worth noting however that our Canadian datacenter is about 50 miles from the US border. It is roughly the same as having a server in upper New York State.


2016-08-15, 06:32 PM
Hello, I just had a question about OVH. As of right now, OVH only has one datacenter close to the United States. This datacenter is located in Beauharnois, CA I believe. Currently, I host game servers on games such as Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, etc. Sadly, when I brought one of OVH's GAME dedicated servers, the game servers never received population due to the location and Valve's server browser favoring other servers with the GeoIP system.

Will OVH ever expand into locations such as Chicago, US or New York City, US in the future? I would love to buy GAME dedicated machines especially with how cheap they are compared to my current host & the amount of power they have.