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Slackware netconfig

2016-08-24, 07:47 PM
Wow, VirtIO lilo was a pain... lucky for
I configured it like normal through netconfig
failover ip,, host gw xxx.xxx.xxx.254, google dns

I added a route cmd to: /etc/rc.d/rc.inet2 above the "# At this point, we are ready to talk to The World..."
route add xxx.xxx.xxx.254 dev eth0 
route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.254
either reboot or manually run the route cmds.
Boom, net works

Make sure you assign a virtual mac to the IP you use.
Make sure to use the host's gateway, usually host IP for the first 3 octects and .254 for the last.

But the following post shows a different way to do it
I think my way is easier though.

2016-08-24, 06:37 PM
I would imagine it is the same as any other distro connected to a failover IP inside a hypervisor. Are you familiar with OVH's networking?

A brief summary
Get a failover ip
Get a MAC address for virtualization assigned to your ip
Assign the MAC address to your virtual's NIC (make sure it's on the right bridge)
Assign your IP to the VM, with a subnet of and the gateway being your host server's gateway.
Broadcast should be same IP as the VM's.
Make sure that gateway is the default route.

I'm installing a test copy of slackware just to see if there are any issues.

2016-08-23, 04:16 AM
Very difficult to find some expertise in slackware. do you have any specific requirements with slackware ? why not use Ubuntu or debian ?

2016-08-15, 05:38 PM
I have a dedicated server with proxmox installed. I created a KVM VM and installed Slackware. Even though I have installed this config hundreds of times on my old data center, I just can't get this to work. Has anybody configured Slackware for OVH? Sure could use an example.