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OVH shuts down my servers whenever they feel like it?!

Phil @ OVH
2016-08-10, 01:48 PM

I see this has already been resolved and compensated by our support. I'm glad we were able to help.


2016-08-03, 01:59 AM
In short: OVH tries to enforce a maintenance on me. I ask them to move the maintenance to another time. They say OK, everything is re-scheduled.

Today I wake up and my server has been shut down as per their original schedule.

What happened, OVH? Some internal miscommunication? I warned you there are virtual machines on that server, which will refuse to boot if the server is forcefully shutdown. Now I have issues on my hands and you could not care less, right?

Check out ticket 4866438163, Phil.

If I am not compensated, if my posts are not published, I am moving away from OVH.

I will also start a site to expose your entire crap, OVH.

Think about that.