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Buy a Game-server

Phil @ OVH
2016-07-28, 02:11 PM

I would recommend emailing sales@ovh.ca for a custom reply and quote for your project.

Phil C.

2016-07-24, 07:53 PM
Hi, I was thinking to buy a dedicated game server:
Specially this one:

The fact is that I need more than one ip addreses because I will need to create a network for minecraft.

First people will have to conect to the main server: Bungee (with 1Gb at least)
Then people will be redirected from this Bungee to another server with another diferent Ip (with 1Gb at least) "the loggin"
After that they will only be able to go to another server with a tool game (with 2-3Gb at least) with another diferent Ip "the hub"
Finally they will be able to go to different servers which they can choose in the game with a tool "all of them with different IP and different dedicated ram"

I will post here a graphic to show clearly what i want

As you can see I want to create multiple servers in the game, all of them will have diferent ip with diferent ram dedicated coming from the main 32GB host i want to buy...
I don't know if this is possible so if you can help me it will be great!

Besides I want to know If i will be able to manage all folders like console of the server game, all archives form each server (all of them split and easy to mange them).

Thank you so much! and hopefully u can help me.