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Slow activation

2016-07-07, 10:05 PM
Depending on where you're located, what you're ordered, what payment method you used, etc, could take awhile to process and might even need to do a verification. If verification is required, they'll email you requesting for information.

First time I've ordered through them, it took a little over a day, when I've upgraded my VPS it took a little over a day, just be patient and it'll get done.

2016-07-06, 11:39 AM
I ordered a new VPS, payed the order with my CC but for some reason the VPS is not ready yet.

The order details page shows:

Your order was paid on 06/07/2016 a 07:18:13 - Your order is in progress

I'm really wondering how is possible nowadays to take all this time.
All the other competitors (digitalocean, linode, aws etc) have immediate activation... .