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Problems with the portal

2016-07-05, 12:48 PM

I'm having quite a few issues with the OVH portal.

A friend of mine bought a VPS server and I also registered an OVH account, but we are having some issues and seeing some inconsistencies.
I created another thread for an issue with managing the administrator for the VPS, but besides that I can't understand how the portal works.

My friend lives in Italy. He registered an account through ovh.com/us, but the registration panel redirected him to ovh.it for the registration. Now he can only log in on ovh.com/us (and not on ovh.it, although if he tries to register on ovh.it the registration process complains about his email being already used).

I'm Italian, but currently living in Germany. If I try to register from any OVH domain, I'm redirected to ovh.de for the registration, but since I'm not German I couldn't register there (I don't speak German and am missing some required data that only German citizens are supposed to have).
I asked my friend to send me the link to the registration page he gets on ovh.it, and I registered through there.
That wasn't easy: I have only part of the mandatory Italian information (like I have an Italian tax code, but am missing an Italian address and phone number). I faked the data I'm missing by putting the most updated values I had when living in Italy, although they're no longer valid...
Now I can log in from ovh.it, but cannot log in from ovh.com or ovh.de or any other domain, although if I try to register again from any other domain it says that the email address is already used. Also the interface and the emails I'm receiving are in Italian, although I'd rather have them in English.

How can I use some Italian data and some German one?
How can I log in from ovh.com/us and/or change the OVH language from Italian to English?