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Cannot pay pending invoice 2 days left

2016-07-06, 07:25 AM
Open a ticket with the billing department.

2016-07-02, 08:04 AM

I was trying to pay the bill for the last 7 days and every time i enter the OTP i get a crazy >>https://secure.osp.ovh.com/osp7/3DSLanding
500 Internal Server Error

I am using the same SBI Debit card for the last 6 months and nothing at my end has changed.
I can pay via bank transfer Debit card or Internet banking let me know the details.

I have 2 more days and then my service will be suspended. I ave been trying this for the last 6-7 days and every day i get the same error.


see this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxi...RGQWl5VnM/view