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Server marked as hacked

2016-08-11, 09:09 AM
do you share server credential any other or your server receive any unwanted mail?

2016-06-24, 02:50 AM
Was your server having security measures applied ? I mean did you scanned your server for malware contents ever ?

Phil @ OVH
2016-06-23, 12:18 PM

I would be happy to assist you, but your OVH Account is not listed in your forum profile. Could you provide me with your server name or ticket number?

Phil C.

2016-06-21, 03:20 AM
On Saturday OVH blocked my server, and don't explain why my server marked as hacked? It's offline more than 24 hours!!!
I create 3 ticket but OVH ignore me and don't answer more than 24h!!! No explanation has been provided yet.
What happened with OVH support, why they don't work and no answer on the ticket?
I have never seen such unprofessional attitude towards client. I was extremely disappointed.