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Help dedicated server

2016-06-23, 02:03 AM
Mount the root drive from rescue mode and check the /var/log/message and dmseg log for the exact configuration problem. I think it could be related with harddisk .

2016-06-19, 02:34 AM
Look like problem is with kernel you are using, that may not support the network card used in OVH servers.

Login to OVH manager, change boot option, select one of the kernel listed, it should boot the server from OVH kernel, this will make your server LIVE, while you resolve the actual issue.

Booting from previous kernel is another option, but you need to do it via KVM.

What OS you have on server ?

Phil @ OVH
2016-06-18, 01:40 PM

The problem, as explained in the email, is that a configuration issue in your OS is preventing the server from booting properly. As such, we've booted the server in a linux Rescue mode to allow you to correct the issue.

You can find a guide on using it here: http://help.ovh.com/RescueMode

Phil C.

2016-06-15, 01:37 PM
First i get this message when I was rebooted my server via WHM
Dear Customer,

Our monitoring system has just detected a fault on your server ns3043322.ip-51-255-91.eu.
The fault was noticed on 2016-06-15 12:28:07

Our team of technicians on site (operational 24/7), has been informed
of the fault and will intervene on your machine.

Please be aware that other interventions may currently be in progress and
an intervention lasts on average 30 minutes per machine.

We are therefore not able to give you more details on the starting time
of the intervention.

You can see a general display of the machines currently in fault and
in intervention across our network at the following address:


Your server is in rack G118B09

You will receive an email as soon as a technician takes charge of your
server. Meanwhile, you have can reboot it via your manager.

PING ns3043322.ip-51-255-91.eu ( from : 56(84) bytes of data.
From Destination Host Unreachable
From Destination Host Unreachable
From Destination Host Unreachable

--- ping statistics ---

than I get this email

Dear Customer,

Your server has been started in 'Rescue' mode. This has either been requested by you in the OVH manager or a technician has had to do this because of an error that needs to be resolved in Rescue mode.

This mode means that a basic Linux/BSD system has been launched on your server through the network. This is not the system installed on your server and none of your disks have been mounted.

A web interface is available for you to carry out diagnosis on your server (hard disk, raid, ram, CPU) and to browse your file systems using the following details:
- user: root
- password: xxxxx
You may connect to your server through SSH with the following details:
- IP:
- user: root
Password: xxxxx

Than I get more email

Dear Customer,

The intervention on ns3043322.ip-51-255-91.eu has been completed.

This operation was closed at 2016-06-15 16:49:13

Here are the details of this operation:
Diagnosis interface boot (rescue)
Date 2016-06-15 16:41:10, jean-francois R made Diagnosis interface boot (rescue):
Here are the details of the operation performed:
The server has started (login is requested on the screen) but inaccessible
by the network (not pinging).
A restart does not correct the

Rebooting the server to rescue mode (Linux)

Boot OK. Rescue mode accessible.

Software configuration to be corrected by customer

If you need any further information regarding this intervention, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support.

Honestly I do not have many experience managing server especially with SSH.. but I know well using WHM.. my question is how to get back my server online without losing any files? I'm happy with OVH so far butI have never facing this situation with my server before because I also has another server in other hosting provider and never facing this problem.. can someone help me ppleeaseeee?