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how to bind domain to brand new public cloud server

2016-06-15, 06:20 AM

I apologize if this question has been asked before but I could not find a clear answer to my question so far.
what are the steps to follow to bind mydomain.xy to my new OVH public cloud server IP (SBG1 -- Strasbourg)?
I have LAMP installed, and the website configured on the server (I had it on other provider and I moved it to OVH, long story...); over there at the other provider they were offering me two name servers ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com and I was using them to set them at my domain registrar.

how things work at OVH? what are those two name servers which I can use to set them at my domain registrar?

reading posts I kind of figured out that OVH is not offering two domain servers but only one, the sdns1.ovh.net?...
so am I supposed to install and manage my own domain name server then? I would like to avoid this. Is it possible? My domain registrar is not offering any kind of domain name server support.

if I have to install and manage on my server a domain name server, what is the strategy and steps? the only OVH domain name server (sdns1.ovh.net) has to be the secondary one? and then the first one to be ns1.mydomain.xy ?

please guide me, I would like to avoid managing my own domain name server is possible.

thank you very much