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please help

2016-06-23, 02:08 AM
There was on update on 19th june by our tech and you have not responded after that. Is the problem resolved ? If not please update the ticket.

2016-06-16, 08:31 AM
@ 24x7servermanagement

I am already your client and you manage my server
but you fail to resolve my problem

2016-06-15, 04:52 AM
Check the file upload limit with php.ini or the image upload is failing probably due to permissions issue or path locations.

2016-06-13, 02:53 PM
I buy new server from ovh.com

but my site have problem no image upload in my site


[edit: removed password]

after login go to my image tab and upload image but I receive message
impage upload successfully but in not show blow in save images

please help me