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OVH should investigate deploying used smartphone hardware as dedicated servers

2016-06-15, 01:41 PM
good idea if deploy using smartphone

2016-06-15, 04:37 AM
It will be devastating idea for server manufacturers like samsung or apple who are also developing smart phones.

2016-06-14, 02:17 AM
Good idea, you should not post this on public forums like this, no one will trust you. Just go ahead, buy some old phones and start providing cloud hosting. Buy a PC cabinet, fill it with old phones, colo it.

2016-06-13, 11:12 PM
This sounds like a waste of money, space, and labor. With how cheap some hardware gets over the years, it makes no sense to use a phone to host applications on....

Assuming this thread was serious.

2016-06-11, 12:10 PM
There are millions/billions of old used smartphones (a billion or so each year) that are no longer being used as smartphones and really should be recycled and repurposed.

I just had an idea of one possible use case for these inexpensive obsolete phones. What if CoreOS were to be ported to be installable on these used phones?

Then OVH or other big cloud providers could deploy the smartphones as Docker nodes (even cluster-able using Kubernetes). These smartphones would probably make a nice isolated Docker host since they have battery backup built in (useful even if the battery only holds a few minutes of charge), are designed to use very low power, have enough Flash storage to install Docker and support running container images, and would be completely dedicated to a single CoreOS node (avoiding the noisy neighbors problem of running multiple VMs on a shared server). This would give the customer completely dedicated hardware to run CoreOS on which might be perceived as being even more secure than running on a shared Public Cloud server.

I have to think there are millions (even billions) of older phones, or phones with cracked screens that aren't worth repairing that could be sourced very cheaply so they could be deployed in a public or private Cloud and cost next to nothing. OVH could even come up with a standard server enclosure that could easily deploy hundreds/thousands of these phones in a rack. Add CoreOS and orchestration software and you could easily provide small private Clouds. You would still probably have to run your databases on large bare-metal, but the web/app servers would probably run very well on these smartphone nodes.

OVH could procure used phones that all have minimum specs (say a 64-bit processor, or 8GBs of NAND, etc) by only repurposing a few models from the most popular manufacturers (say Apple or Samsung). I bet with OVH's ability to deploy dedicated servers very cheaply, OVH could deploy these dedicated smartphone servers at $5 to $10/month. I would love to have the ability to deploy these as proxies, load balancers, web servers on cheap dedicated hardware using CoreOS/Kubernetes.