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Has OVH been hacked?

Phil @ OVH
2016-06-07, 01:23 PM

Actually, the rate of our order numbers has slowed a bit because more customers are moving to our Public Cloud service, which does not create invoices in the same way. No need for concern there, our business is doing fine.

Can you provide me with your ticket number? I'll take a look and see what is going on. Granted, if the issue has been escalated to our sysadmins, there is a more serious issue, and it could take a little while to resolve.

Phil C.

2016-06-07, 08:44 AM
On Sunday OVH's API call /me/order/{orderId}/payWithRegisteredPaymentMean started failing. I submitted a support ticket, and the response was 'we are escalating this issue to our sysadmins'.

No resolution has yet been provided, and OVH's support is now feeding me BS, apparently trying to cover up something. What is more, the rate at which their order IDs increased has slowed way down, which can only mean other customers are experiencing such problems.

In addition, all of a sudden I had all my tickets erased this morning. No explanation has been provided yet.

I have never seen such unprofessional attitude towards bugs in one's own system. I will NOT be recommending OVH to anyone.

Extremely disappointed. If these guys do not get their act together I will pursue legal action and I will leave them ASAP.