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Request extension of the renewal date by 2 days

Phil @ OVH
2016-05-30, 01:36 PM
I see your ticket was answered within 10 hours, which is within the 24 hour response time we guarantee for Kimsufi.


2016-05-28, 04:14 PM

I opened a ticket over 12 hours ago asking for an extension of the renewal date so that i can pay on monday, but i have not received a reply yet so i thought i should post here as well. So that my server remains online until i pay the renewal on monday.

I have a request regarding payment for this dedicated server which is due on 28/29 may 2016 . Due to several bank holidays over the weekend , funds haven't been transferred into the account that i use for online transactions as i transfer only the required amount for transaction to prevent fraud. Once the funds are transferred by monday afternoon than i can renew the dedicated server for 3 months and want to order another dedicated server with 16 gb ram. I request you to kindly allow me up till monday to make the payment for renewal of the dedicated server.

Here are the dedicated server details in canada.
Datacenter BHS1 - Rack: T01B52 - Server ID: 217831
Main IP
Reverse ns529367.ip-198-245-63.net
nichandle: sa330798-ks

Thanking you
Atul sharma