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Firewall: a big pain for a high-load projects

2016-05-28, 02:08 PM
With no doubts, OVH is one of the best providers on the market. Their prices are unbeatable. Service quality... well, **** happens everywhere, even with x10 times more expensive providers (just read reviews about your favorite company X on a webhostingtalks forum). We haven't experienced any serious issues with OVH for 4 continuous months already.
I would give OVH 10\10 BUT...
The firewall OVH providing you for free really sucks for a high-load projects (having about 40K req\sec and more).
The only thing it protects us against are our new business partners. We really look very stupid in their eyes saying: "Well, our firewall thinks your requests coming to us is a DDOS attack, sorry, we can't do a business with you anymore".
The fun moment is that technical stuff in OVH thinks the same - you will not be able to prove\explain anything.
Sometimes they try to help tuning some server-related profiles in the firewall configs. It works for some time, but then, at random moments, firewall starts to protect us against our business partners again.
There were multiple tickets, phone calls, I even wrote an email directly to CTO (no response so far).

Wondering - who else experienced similar issues with this "firewall" and are there any chances to resolve it somehow?