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Software RAID configuration

2016-06-10, 10:52 PM
You will lose half of your drives as the other half will be used for the I/O gain of 0 and the Redundancy of Raid1... However you fault tolerance is at least one drive you could lose more BUT it would depend on which one was lost... Better description on this post lost-raid-drive Also to see your calculations you could use raid-calculator Not sure what data you are storing here. If it is backup / general file access you probably dont need raid 10. I would look into a RAID 6. If your running VMs RAID 10 would be ideal. One more thought... I would not take all 12 drives and make 1 big array thats a lot to go wrong and your rebuild times would be forever. I personally do not like to put more than 8 drives in any RAID setup. You could do 2 Raid setups maybe 1 as a 10 and the other as a 6. Your Raid 6 could backup the 10 and also have space left over.

As for setting this up and rebuild. I have a guide on here how to rebuild a raid while online. The OVH manager on install is very good with setting partitions and Raid Types.

2016-05-26, 01:49 AM
So I have my 12x4tb dedicated server online but I am a little confused about software RAID.
Ideally, Id like to have the drive setup in RAID 10 with total of 24tb available

So far I've discovered without hardware RAID, I end up losing a bunch of space if I want to do RAID 10 yes?

I am not sure exactly of my options when I use the OVH custom partitioning if I want to use RAID 10.
I can only seem to get 8tb usable after the SWAP and ROOT partitions are created.

Any thoughts?