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Finding Your Dedicated Server's FTP

2016-06-04, 04:20 AM
First thing you need to determine is whether your server is having FTP server installed, If its installed check for configurations and setup one FTP user providing access to the /www folder. And if the user is not created you need to create the user with correct path.

2016-05-25, 10:10 AM

I would appreciate some assistance on how to figure out my FTP credentials for my dedicated server. I just recently purchased a dedicated server to host my Wordpress website on, and currently using Debian 7.10 (Wheezy) (Oldstable) (64bits) as my OS.

Everything is functional, as I've used the forums to find and solve most of my issues, but when I attempt to install a plugin through wordpress, it asks for my FTP credentials so it can properly activate but I don't know what it is.

I can use WINSCP, log in with my root/password and view my /www/ folder and manually add plugins through there, but it won't properly work for some reason because wordpress still requires my FTP credentials.

Therefore, all I require assistance on is, can someone tell me where I would find my FTP credentials for my dedicated server. Thank you very much in advance, as any help is greatly appreciated!