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IP Load Balancing issue: real-IP missing in HTTPS

2016-10-12, 08:14 AM

I has the same issue, in my case i has 100 domains to put under load balancer and i got problem with the domains that using HTTPS.
The solution is to buy a SSL certificate inside the page of your load balancer, then OVH let you import your own certificate (can be a multi-domain, wildcard..)

I just order the certificate for load balancer, then i generated one ssl certificate with let's encrypt using all domains i want to put under load balancer.

2016-05-09, 04:41 AM
We have the service IP Load Balancing configured with 2 dedicated servers as backends.
We have activated in the backends the RPAF module over Apache, because we need to know the real-IP of the visitant.
Over HTTP all run fine -> we have the real-IP in the X-FORWARDED-FOR header.. Perfect!
But, over HTTPS this header don't exist! we can not to know the real-IP!

- In HTTP --> https://goo.gl/LPJAK1 (screenshot)
- In HTTPS --> https://goo.gl/yIzP4C (screenshot)

For us is mandatory to know the end-user real-IP, and all our web-app is over HTTPS, then we have a problem.

I suppouse to know the real-IP is a very usually needed question for the most websites, then i think it could be possible to know also working with IPLB.

Any people can help me please?