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Windows on soyoustart Game Server 1

Phil @ OVH
2016-05-05, 05:01 PM

Unfortunately, as indicated on our website, our SoyouStart Game servers are not compatible with Windows Server 2012. Many other servers are available through SoyouStart and OVH which are compatible with Windows 2012. I would recommend ordering one of those servers, and we will be able to transfer the balance of the Game server onto the new server as a credit.

Phil C.

2016-05-05, 09:19 AM

I have recently bought a server from soyoustart and i read up on the forums that you can install Windows Server 2012 R2 SE is this true?
I have a valid SPLA licence and entered it on the control panel and also made an installation template and i have no luck.
Is there anyway to install windows on the GAME-1 server? If so can you please help?