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Need help with setting up dedicated server paying $$$

2016-05-15, 08:48 PM
Seriously, the max host on SoYouStart is 96GB of memory. 2012 R2 defaults at least to 4GB of memory on VMWare, so that's 144GB for 36 vms. Number one rule on any virtualization is don't over commit memory, as servers will just crash. Nothing wrong with filling up resources, but don't overflow the cup. You will also need to at least subtract 5% for virtualization on both memory, IOPs and CPU, so to include overhead. I haven't looked at the charts lately, but last I looked KVM and VMware were doing pretty good, and still only around 8% I said 5 to be hopeful at best.

2016-05-14, 01:22 AM
If you have no technical clues about any of this stuff... are you sure you actually need to be running a Win2012 server, instead of Linux? Are you sure that you need to be running 36 VMs, instead of 36 domain names on a platform like cPanel or Plesh or WebAdmin? If you're simply looking to host 36 separate domain names, 36 separate web sites... you don't need to run 36 VMs. Using any of those programs, you can readily run 36, 50, or 100 separate domain names, separate websites... all in one single VM (that most OVH servers of the lowest capabilities can readily handle). You'll only require a bigger server later if you're expecting a fairly large amount of traffic.

Do you really need 36 or 50 separately running VMs? Could you tell us more about your planned use of the server?

2016-05-07, 03:43 AM
In all honestly, running 36 virtual machines on 1 server isn't a great ideal unless you've gotten one of their top of the lines dedicate servers but it is possible to do with any of the server line ups, it just won't be very effective and you might have issues with the host system because of that. But that all depends on what each virtual machines are designed to do.

2016-05-06, 02:50 AM
Do you have the licenses for the windows VMs that you are going to setup ? If not then i will suggest using the Data center edition , using Hyper-V virtualization.

2016-05-04, 04:29 PM
Thank you very much for the tutorial, but still its like a rocket science to me!

Gonna need 36 machines instead of 50 and could pay 100$.

2016-05-04, 04:10 PM
I don't really have time to do this, but here is essentially what you need to do:

Install something like Proxmox with your OVH control panel.
Get 50 additional IP addresses.
Assign unique Virtual Mac addresses to each in the OVH control panel.
Then create a Base VM configured with Paravirtualized Drivers and network it with the mac address assigned to the IP for the VM and the divisor of ram and disk allocated to each... you can do ram ballooning if you want, but I don't recommend it with Windows VMs along with growable disk, if performance is not a concern.
Clone the VM, change the mac and ip in the vm for each copy.
Activate Windows on each VM.

If you don't want 50 ip's, you can do some fancy networking to give a different rdp port to each on a single IP with either the host of a vm node acting as a NAT router.

2016-05-04, 03:15 PM
HEy ,

New guy here.
Okey here it goes.

Bought a dedicated server today but have no clue what to do next.I had a guy who use to set everything up for me but i can't get in touch with him any longer.What i need is to Create 50 vps (win 2012) machines on that server.

Who think can help me then please pm here or hit me up to skype : ad_center (viadirect)

Will pay for the full setup or easy manual for a dummy!i know this takes time to set up all 50!