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Symantec Blacklist (VERY FRUSTRATED)

Phil @ OVH
2016-05-04, 03:37 PM

While I do understand how this could be frustrating, we cannot tell Symantec which IPs they can and cannot blacklist. In this age where there are no new IPv4 available, the blacklisting of existing IPs is going to be an ongoing issue.

There really is no solution other than for you to contact Symantec when they blacklist you.


2016-05-04, 12:07 AM
I have been a loyal cheerleading customer of OVH for the past several years, but I am getting really frustrated. I have sent 7 e-mails/tickets over the past 7 days about the same problem.

For the third time in the past several months I have received complaints that e-mails sent from my OVH server are not reaching certain e-mail providers. After some research I determined that the e-mail providers that are blocking my mail are customers of Symantec's corporate anti-spam solution. This includes websites like Hotmail/Yahoo, as well as major corporations.

None of my IPs are listed with any of the RBLs. When I check Symantec's "IP Reputation" system at http://ipremoval.sms.symantec.com my IP address is listed saying that it has a negative reputation. It says "The IP address XXX.XX.XX.XXX was found to have a negative reputation" However, when I check other similar IPs that are not part of my own range, it ALSO says the same thing.

So if my IP is .150 and I check .100, .101, .102, .103, etc. they all come back as blocked. When I ask Symantec to remove mine from the list they do so right away. But my concern is that I keep getting added to this list, along with every IP in that range. I'm never notified of the problem-- I only discover it when clients tell me they are not receiving my e-mails, or my customers complain to me that their clients aren't receiving their e-mails (or that they are going automatically to the junk folder).

I have sent OVH 7 e-mails over the past several days and they have answered every single one, saying, in brief "Yes, we read your e-mail and would advise you to contact Symantec to have them remove your IP from their blacklist."

I keep telling OVH that my IPs are no longer blocked, but it is still an issue because it seems that Symantec is quickly ready to block entire ranges at OVH even though the IPs in those ranges belong to different customers. I am concerned that other people who have servers at OVH are getting blacklisted in bulk when Symantec blocks entire OVH ranges. (example-- I do not own .100, .101, .102, .103, etc but they are all listed as being blocked by Symantec)

I am extremely frustrated because OVH seems to continue to think it is only a problem with me, that I should contact Symantec to resolve the issue with my IP address, yet I have stated in EVERY e-mail that my IP is fine now, other OVH customers are not fine if the block they are in is being blacklisted by Symantec (and nobody is aware of this).

I'm sorry but the last e-mail I sent was in all caps because it was yet another "Customer Advocate" who said that they understand my frustration, please contact Symantec.