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Delete Folders On Backup Server

2016-05-04, 01:31 AM
rmdir -rf is a valid command for ncftp ?

I never used ncftp command line tool. lftp have option to remove directory even if it is not empty, see


2016-05-03, 02:47 AM
Not sure why you are using ncftp, Try using FTP to delete the files.

2016-04-29, 05:50 AM
I have activated the free backup storage offered by OVH with the dedicated server 500GB and enabled the FTP account on it.

I used the ncftp to upload a full server WHM/CPanel backup to the backup server on the root folder "/" as follows from shell:

ncftpput -R -v -u "nsxxxxx0.ip-xxx-x0-xx.eu" -p "xyxyxyxyxy" ftpback-rbxX-433.ovh.net / /home/backup/

Now after few times the backup storage is almost fully used.

My problem now I am unable to delete a folder recursively using ncftp or any other ftp, tried like that:

ncftp -u "nsxxxxx0.ip-xxx-x0-xx.eu" -p "xyxyxyxyxy" ftpback-rbxX-433.ovh.net

ncftp > rmdir -rf backup

rmdir backup: server said: Can't remove directory: Directory not empty

if I try it like:

ncftp > rmdir -rf backup/*

it waits and hangs for a few seconds then ftp connection gets closed to the backup server.

My question how do I delete a folder tree on the backup storage server using ncftp or any other simple way.

I contacted OVH support by ticket and they said since this is not managed server they will not help on this topic and I now just deleted the
backup storage from the control panel and recreated it again but this is not good way. Please advise.