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Public Cloud Flavors and Pricing

2016-04-26, 09:23 AM
Currently, the Public Cloud instances are available in two categories: SP and HG each with HA Storage.

I'm still evaluating the Public Cloud to see if I want to host my new project on it, but the available Public Cloud instances don't quite meet my needs.

I suggest you consider changing the basic plans and pricing as follows:

  1. SP-30: 2 vCores, 30GB RAM, 40GB Local SSD, $40/month
  2. HG-7 - 2 vCores, 7.5GB RAM, 40GB Local SSD, $35/month
  3. EG-15 - 2 vCores, 15GB RAM, 40GB Local SSD, $30/month

Each category would offer additional options that double the vCores, RAM, and Local SSD for double the basic option (as your plans do now).

I'm basically suggesting that you offer a new EG category of instances for a more economical base price and change to give dedicated Local SSD storage instead of the HA Storage in all categories. I prefer to attach additional disks to my instances for my site's persistent data and don't mind paying the small price for HA Storage sized in 10GB increments separately from the price for the instances. Also, 40GBs Local SSD is enough base storage for most use cases that need the instance to have local storage (for OS, logs, etc) with the persistent data attached using Public Cloud Storage Volumes. And, the Local SSDs should be faster than attached volumes so those that need fastest I/O could place the site's databases on the Local SSD at the expense of high availability and manageability of the storage that you get with attached volumes.