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[HELP] Pointing my domain on ISNIC to OVH VPS

2016-04-22, 10:59 AM
Another option would be to sign up for a DNS hosting service where you point your NS to and then setup your DNS to point back to your domain.

2016-04-21, 03:51 AM
I think the only way to add TXT zone is by updating the nameservers for your domain and setting up DNS records for the domain on server where the nameserver points.

2016-04-17, 10:15 PM
Recently I purchased an Icelandic domain name from their official registry, ISNIC. According to OVH I have to make a TXT zone on my domain to prove I own it, but you don't have that option on ISNIC.

Here are a couple screenshots. As you can see, my options are extremely limited.


I can only edit DS records. Zero way to mess with DNS records on ISNIC. I don't know what to do here. Would like to point my .IS domain to my OVH VPS SSD.