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"Error while connecting to the database" with wordpress

2016-04-14, 02:28 AM
OVH is leasing you space on their servers for you to do whatever you want, they do not provide support that's software related including databases since it's your responsibility and OVH will take care of anything that's hardware and physical network related with limited support with network on the VPS/Server itself (like if you screwed up so bad that they need to physically hook into the server to fix it).

With that said, in order for us to actually help you we need some information. What OS are you running (Windows? Linux? What flavor Linux?)? Are you using a control panel? (Plesk, WHM/cPanel, Release 3 OVH). What have you tried so far to try to fix it other then trying to log into PHPMyAdmin? (which, btw, would use a completely different username and password then what you use to log into wordpress' control panel if you were trying to use that log in). Tried a simple reboot of the VPS?

2016-04-12, 11:17 PM

I have a wordpress website hosted by OVH (www.nicolaslepiller.com), since few days i got an error when i click on links in my site, the error says "error while connecting to the database".

I made no changes recently.. and when i open a ticket to OVH they tell me they don't offer software support and they can't help me..

I don't understand, it looks to be a database problem, not a software problem, how come they can't help me. I pay them to host my website on their database and it doesn't work. Maybe the problem comes from their hardware since i made no changes.

One more thing, i can't connect to the Database with the login/password they gave me when i subscribed. They sent me this link
But the login/password don't work anymore.. How is it possible ?

Thanks for your help